Adult Literacy

     Generating the Knowledge of Literacy midst of people living in

           Hilly regions and Remote areas is significant necessity

                     Then, we can bring the light “Gospel” into the darkened people through the way of literacy. And literacy classes too employs to pulling out them from where people bonding with like caste, ignorance, idiocy, superstition, heritage, Culture. By these, the people of living in darkness are bound.

We began this Literacy class to rescue them from bound. Thereafter, we realize and sharing the Gospel with them.Since, 2007 Adult literacy classes have been functioning in Hilly Regions and Remote Areas. Many of them are curiously participating in it. By adult literacy classes, lots of hope cells were started. A person who leads this class discovering the darkness in which they kept what kind of the culture of ignorance they are being pursued. By this literacy class, so many women obtained the knowledge of reasoning to rise up from the domination of their own culture and heritage. So many people are not being able to count money and read and write. Through this class Person not being able to count, read and write will be formed as able to read, write and count and Bible-based lessons introduce them to Christ. It’s amazing to see the holistic transformation.


S.No Year No of Projects Centres Districts Beneficiaries
1 2006 4 20 Madurai&Dindugul 600
2 2007 4 20 Madurai&Dindugul 600
3 2008 4 20 Madurai&Dindugul 600
4 2009 4 20 Madurai&Dindugul 600
5 2009 4 20 Madiurai&Dindugul 600
6 2010 6 30 MDU&DGL&COM 900
7 2012 6 30 MDU&DGL&COM 900
8 2013 6 30 MDU&DGL&COM 900
9 2014 8 40 MDU&DGL&COM&TPR 1200



Name Mr. S. Alagar
Age 52
Children 3
Occupation Daily Wages
Monthly Income 2500 INR
Religious Hindu
He belongs to remote area where there are Indigenous people are living. They bound by the darkness of ignorance.
• There is no essential facilities and the village is covered by dense trees.
• He was brought up in the Principle of Hinduism.
• By the culture of his village people, he has been restricted to go to school by his parents
• He had desired to get the power of literacy
• He encouraged her children to grow up in education.
• He did know the Lord Christ before he participate in Adult literacy class
• He attained the great opportunity of free adult education
• He was delighted and attending Adult literacy class
• He learnt to write the letters and read the letters.
• Gradually, he has been receiving about Jesus Christ by the leader of this class
• A few days after, he met the declension in his job
• After some days, he received Jesus Christ as his Savior
• He had enthusiast to share the Gospel which he received
• Through the missionary, he started the hope cell
• Now, he brings his friends, neighbours, relatives to the hope cell
• Through him, his family members are attending hope cell
• God bless his life too