Adult Literacy Training

Training for those who are willing to pulling out the people from the darkness of illiteracy.


There are very few persons merely have burden to take out the remote villages and hilly region’s people from the darkness of illiteracy. All are known that in remote villages and hilly regions where there is no awareness about the literacy

We have been conducting adult literacy training for those who interested to teach the adult people about literacy. We are choosing a group of people merely and training them that how to bring the literacy light among them.


To speak better with people .
To invite the people to the adult literacy class
To give the awareness of the literacy
To describe them about the importance of literacy
To bring the literacy with the help of stories and incidents
To teach them to read and write the letters
To share the Gospel through this class
To expose the God’s love through the literacy
To lead them to read The Holy Bible
To lead them to pray
To lead them to bring the light of literacy to other illiterate
To Guide them to get the global knowledge
To Guide them to analyze everyone and everything