Theologians and Bible Scholars say that Children are full soul and they are precious in the sight of God. So it is much important that to share the Gospel to the children.

                 We are unable to expose the tragedy of the children those who are living in darkness. They do not know the way, Nobody is guiding them in right path. A bunch of abandoned children are roaming around the Brier, paddy fields,on the road, without shirts, without shoes & sandals, hair uncombed,teeth unbrushed, and untidy hands. This is the pathetical situation of the village children. For this rejected in generation, we are giving light through the Gospel through they receiving the strength and they are shining and brightening light flowers, through the followup work we are nurturing with the word of God.
Our missionaries are conducting Children Bible Class with interesting action songs, puppet show, games, biblical picture stories at every village to emerge the Junior Churches in order to bring them to the kingdom of God.


Providing education supports
• Understanding their weaknesses and we are counseling them
• Counselling for the mentally disordered children
• Discontinued children are being encouraged and we are sending them to school
• Finding the children who are under the addiction of smoking, gambling, and alcoholic practices and we are transforming them
• Providing uniforms, note books ,answering books and slippers
• Gathering Physical Challenged children and encourage them
• Providing Accommodation and food for orphans
• Providing education things and New dress to Children who are under the guidance of their guide
• Conducting Children Club during summer season for every year and encourage the children and reach them with the Gospel


Children Ministry Started On 1993
Children Ministry Started With Proper Plan 2000
Villages Reached in the Year 2000 07
No. Of Reached Children in the Year 2000 485
In 2014, No Of Villages Covered 525
In 2015, No Of Children Reached 19633
These targets were accomplished through the summer Children FEST by the appointed missionaries 210