Go therefore and make disciples      (Matthew 28:19)


Bible Named a Christian as a Disciple. God determines that a man who Named as a Christian, he has to pursue Christ and exposing Him. For this calling, the Precious Blood of Christ has been shed in the globe.
Based on aforementioned message, The goal of this ministry is to transform the people who were reached with the Gospel of Christ as a Disciple. Presenting the Glorious light ‘Gospel’ to a person who bound by evil and in darkness in order to rescue them by the precious blood of Christ. Then we have the relationship in personal and in love in order to adore our Lord Christ and revealing the truth of The Holy Bible and becoming them a witness.


No.of people has transformed as disciples 600
No. of disciples are doing ministry 110

Needs of this Ministry

Discipleship Training (To conduct the training 4 times in one year)
Tentative budget for discipleship training – 40,000 INR
Discipleship Guidelines