We are doing ministry as well as preparing documents for all ministries . This document employs us to view the development of both previous and present days. We know that word of God has given us His plans and revelation through the written mode. Based on this, our ministry is being functioned by systematic formats. The formats which created for mission are being used to arrange our ministry as well as it employs our all missionaries to work with vision. And this document employs new appointing missionaries to understand the systematics of ministry and doing ministry well. Therefore, 1993 Onwards, we have been securing all ministry marks, account returns, future plan documents. God determined that The Holy Bible been secured by the Kumran race. Based on this, by His grace, all documents are being secured.


a. Formats of Monthly Field report
b. Formats of Yearly Target report
c. Formats of Yearly Children Ministry Program
d. Formats of Monthly Report of Full time missionary meeting
e. Formats of Film Ministry Program
f. Formats of Church dedication planning
g. Formats of After School Clubs
h. Formats of Adult Literacy
i. Formats of Missionary dedication
j. Formats of Sending reports to other Organization
k. Formats of Village Documents
l Formats of Vehicle
m. Formats of Hill Ministry, and reports
n. Returns of Yearly Accounts
o. Photos
p. Books
q. Magazines
r. Letters
s. Stamps of Incomes & Expenses of bank
t. Receipts for offerings
u. Brochures