Dress Distribution

Garments are the essential need for every human beings.

This millennium, People are living in cities and towns are spending much money to wear costliest garments. Here, we have to know the truth that so many people can’t purchase even 1 dress also. A few people don’t have awareness of garments. People are living in remote areas and Hilly regions are not practicing their children to wear garments.

We are distributing the garments to the tribes and remote village people. Through this Dress Distribution, we may discover new kinds of ‘Tribes’ and remote area village.

S. No

Year No. Of Dresses Distributed




2 2010



2011 4600
4 2012



2013 6000
6 2014



We have distributed 30200 garments to ‘Tribes’ like Padukas,Paliyas,Matharies,Irulas and Remote area’s Peoples.



Preparing and Distributing Garments,

• Collecting Used Clothes
• Perceiving only quality clothes and washes them
• Covering them and making ready
• People gather together in one place
• Project the all garments
• Distribute them according to their age and measurement
• People receive the garments with pleasure
• Sharing the Gospel with them


We are providing Used Clothes as well as providing New Garments to children, widows, orphans and etc… Every year, we are providing 500 New garments


IF you would like to grant your garments to ‘Tribals’, To send Click Here