Testified to Jews that Jesus is the Christ

(Acts 18:5)

Before your eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified  (Galatians 3:1)


Film Ministry assists to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in an easiest way and in a short period. We are sending the Gospel to those who are able to understand through their EAR And those who are not able to understand the Gospel, we are sending through their EYE. Film ministry is needed for those who are Unreached rather than those who are reached.
Getting information that Unreached tribal people are alive at valleys and top hills.we are keeping the film projector and other equipments on our head and proclaiming the gospel. Those who are watching the film and the body of the Christ are asking spontaneously that Who is He? What is happening? Why they do? And they are hearing the Gospel of Chirst which opened their hearts and the film will be fulfilled their heart. Then our Lord Christ will be the source of their sufferings. Whenever we asking them about Christ Jesus, they say that already we know Him.


Film Ministry portrays Christ


No Of reached Hilly areas through film ministry 110
No Of reached remote villages through film ministry 400
No Of People reached through film Ministry 82,000


Needs of film Ministry


Projector 2
Screen (16mm) 2
Table Top 2
Adjustment Chair 2
Generator 2
Vehicle 2


Let the service of rescue to be continued in remaining Hill Stations