Holding Orphan Children


Children are precious beings in our world and they are to be the protected beings too.


In India, Plenty children are available in the lack of parental care. Though, few children have parents, Parents don’t care them due to the separation, migration, illness, poverty. Another few children have nobody. Plenty of destitute child steps stand on globe of India. Though, we all know about destitute, abandoned, vulnerable children, we unknown the message which has been hidden that A few destitute and abandoned children are living in popular cities and towns solely being cared by few organizations in IndiaBut the unreliable news that a bunch of destitute, abandoned children are living in Unreached Area, Remote Areas and tiny Villages, they are not on-sight of the popular organizations too.
Based on this, From our follow-up Remote villages and Hilly regions in whom appointed for church organizing, we are rescuing the orphan and destitute children and leading them towards Christ Jesus and transforming them as disciples. Our goal of this ministry is to rescue and lead 2000 orphan and destitute children in different zones.
God has graced us to take out the destitute and abandoned children who are living off-sight rather not on-sight of the world. Such these children to be protected and rescued from the abuse

Since 2004, we turn back our focus on children and their welfare. Now we are helping few orphan and destitute children for their education as 1000 INR in once a year with the aim that they will not be dropped out in school education. We are growing,nourishing, and protecting them and eventually transforming them as disciples of Christ of Christ. Through it, field missionary can have a better relationship with people and propagate the Gospel of Christ with people.
We have burden in Christ to hold plenty orphan and destitute children in different zones in India.


Let’s turn our kindness upon such these


List of orphan and destitute children who are currently upholding by us following below


S.No Year Districts Benefitted Children
1 2004 Madurai, Dindugul 24
2 2005 Madurai, Dindugul 30
3 2006 Madurai, Dindugul 33
4 2007 Madurai, Dindugul 62
5 2008 Madurai, Dindugul, Kovai 75
6 2009 Madurai, Dindugul, Kovai 84
7 2010 Madurai, Dindugul, Kovai 87
8 2011 Madurai, Dindugul, Kovai 95
9 2012 Madurai, Dindugul, Kovai 105
10 2013 Madurai, Dindugul, Kovai 117
11 2014 Madurai, Dindugul, Kovai 123

If you would like to care children, you may uphold

Do you Imagine that kind of these children are available in our near home town?