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Vision Achievements       Future Vision



Propagating the Gospel to the Nation

Gospel have been shared on 792 Hills Remote villages of 6 Districts in  Tamilnadu, Kerala and Odessa, And we do  follow-up ministry. Share the Good News (Gospel) to all the hills and remote villages of 32 States before 2025.

Expenses to  Carry the Gospel   to one village by a group of 7 members is: 2500,00 INR ( one day)



Establishing Churches in unreached hills and remote villages where there are no Churches.

13 Churches have been built in remote villages and hills of 5 Districts. New believers are added to the churches every day. For the better administration and  to make 4 zones, plant the churches in the unreached and remote areas

To Establish (build) a Church in Remote area cost is 5,00,000 INR


Construct home for missionaries  where the church have been established

Constructed houses for 3 missionaries in the premises of established churches. To construct house to all the missionaries in the church premises.


To Construct  house for a missionary cost is 2,50,000 INR


 Home for the aged and orphan children.

Since there is no facility five orphan children are accommodated at our house. And providing education support for 90 children. To establish children home and home for aged basing the zonal Churches.

To construct  a Children Home (40 Children) cost 40,00,000 INR. One child expenses per  month Rs.1200/- . To construct a  Home for Aged( 30 person)  40,00,000 INR


Establishing Churches among the tribal people.

118 Hilly regions were reached through the Gospel of Christ, among them 20 worship groups have been planted. Focusing the Hilly Regions Tribes and plant churches.

To Establish a Church at Hilly Region among tribal people will cost 8,00,000 INR


Conducting trainings for those who received the Gospel


  • Trained  the youths for reaching the Children in summer
  • Discipleship Training
  • Church Planting Training for youths, twice in a year 
  • Training for Preaching and Prayer for all the believers
To send Sunday school teachers & missionaries to all three states (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Odessa) in Summer Vocation.

To train 2000 Summer class training teachers in 4 different locations    (4 Trainings) : each training cost – 60,000 INR

Discipleship Training cost  in a year – 2,00,000 INR


Evangelism through:


  • Medical Camp
  • Hospital 


Conducted Medical camps in Hilly Regions & Remote Areas, for once in a month. Land purchased to construct the hospital.

Conducting Medical Camps in all of our Hilly Region locations every month.

Basing the zonal church planning to construct Hospitals

Each Medical Camp Cost  8,000 INR,

To construct a hospital will cost – 50,00,000 INR

(Includes Staff’s salary, Medicines)


Sharing the God’s love through film ministry

118 Hilly Regions and 400 Plain Unreached Villages were covered with the Gospel of Christ through film ministry. To have a film ministry team and divided into two groups and send to the villages to propagate the Gospel

Equipments for film Ministry will cost –  1,00,000 INR


Reaching the unreached children

From the past 15 years, we have been focusing on reaching the Unreached children of Hilly and remote villages.

In 2014, we were able reach 19633 children from 575 Hills and Remote villages.

Train the team in each districts and send to them into the Hilly region and remote villages in order to reach the children

To train the summer class teachers will cost – 1,00,000 INR


Appointing missionaries where the gospel is not yet reached

46 missionaries were appointed in 8 Districts from 5 States of India. Missionaries to be sent in all the unreached – Hills and Interior villages.

A Missionary Family  6,000 INR

Single Missionary 3,000 INR


Reaching the children through tuition centers and adults through literacy centers.

In 4 Districts, 30 Children (Tuition Centers) Educational Centers and 25 literacy centers are functioning   In all the Hills and remote villages, we need to establish School and literacy center

 To Establish School will cost –  50,00,000 INR,

  • Tuition center teacher Honorarium 1200 INR – per month
  • Literacy teacher Honorarium 1200 INR – per month