Hope Cells


Breaking bread from house to house



(Act 2:46)

He came to the house of Mary, the mother of John where many were gathered together praying 

(Act 12:12)

Proclaimed it to you and taught you publicly and from house to house,


(Acts 20:20)


Ensure the Establishment of the Church is based on Hopecell. Unable to establish the Church unless planted hope cell. Hope cell is the first gate to establish the Church. So the Church is not a building constructed with solid minerals, this is the congregation purified by our Lord Christ’s blood but not knit to the Blood of Christ. It named “Ecclesia”. Hope cell is the solely reason a few to endure in Christ.
Based on the aforementioned, we are conducting Hope cells once in a week. Through this plan, one missionary follow-up 7 villages in one week. This foundation will be the way to establish the church.


Dereliction happens, when Hope cell runs
Sometimes will be pushed to in migration
Fortunately, getting hospitableness
While Time comes to conduct prayer cell continuously, there will be good relations with Christ among them.
There is no much expenses for conducting prayer cells
Granting low expenses plan for whom voluntarily opened their house for hope cell and easy to attend the relations of that family in Hope cell
Through, conducting Hope cells, getting the protection midst of other people
Family comes forward at the oriental time of Church establishing


Needs of Hope cell

Salary of Missionaries
Bibles and Booklets
Ipod and Mini Strangers
Music Instruments
Two Wheelers