Gentles heard this, they were glad and glorified the word of the Lord (Act 13:48)


“I will call them My People, who were not My people,

And her beloved who was not beloved. (Romans 8:39)


God wants to know His likeness to all of His creation.Understanding His will,we as a group committed ourselves to carry this good news to the unreached Hills and Interior Villages.


                                                            Let the Unreached people group to be reached


The Gospel workers are spread where there are proper transportation, and communication facilities. Our Vision is to seek unreached people those who are living in remote and interior Hills and villages.Our group constrains of 20-40 people carry with the Gospel packets, first-aid medicine box, clothes for hilly people, education materials, and also food for the Gospel team people, Sounds and light system and projector for film ministry in order to reach the unreached villages and remote hills. This team forgot their homes and food for a few days and stayed in the unreached villages to propagate the Gospel to this people. They joined with unreached people in their culture, heritage and also their believes understand them and slowly share the Love of God and bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ. If they are accepting the Gospel, we are doing the follow-up work through appointing the missionary the responded villages.


No Of reached Remote Area 750
No Of reached Hilly Tribes Area 125



Team Ministry


Accommodation Under Tree, Champaign, Society Center, Schools
Food Per day we will get 1 or 2 times merely, Sometimes, we won’t get food
First  Priority Observe their Culture and Language
Our Focus No Roads, No Toilets, And Electricity
Our Goal Burden for Perishing  Souls
Concluding session in the team Ministry Share Gospel of Christ very boldly with His Authority
Concluding Decision Based on the response, decision will take for the follow-up ministry