How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims  peace, who brings glad tidings of “good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”               (Isaiah 52:7)

Our teamets are having the vision of people those who living in the top hills and come to the God’s vineyard. Madurai, Dindugul, Thiruppur, Coimbatore, Palakkad, Idukki, Srikakulam, Kajapatti, Darjiling, mentioned 9 Districts from 4 states of uncivilized people and Remote area people, among them Gospel is being shared. Providing the basic home made things to the People of the mountain who are not having the basic needs and who has bound by the evil spirit, and establishing the Churches after the follow-up work. 

To transform the Hilly region people is very hard. But if any one person get miracle from the Lord Jesus Christ, The whole tribes will accept the Christ as Savior.

Exciting Experience of Journey to Jungle

2013 January 1st, early Morning 4’o clock, A group of 36 people has started their journey towards Mavadappu Unreached Area to meet the uncivilized people. After the long walking of 14 hours , our Team has reached the Mavadappu. Our teamets ate all food materials which carried like Rice, raw vegetables by the horrible hungry. We reached the Mavadappu hamlet with unconscious stage. when our team reaches the hamlet; uncivilized people came forward to assist us in cooking.
Papers and Pens are insufficient to expose about the experience of Tribes ministry.

What we are doing while Tribes Ministry


Providing Clothes to Tribe peoples
• Conducting Medical camps at tribe areas
• Distribute the Gospel pictures
• Providing the Basic Home Appliances

Needs of Tribal Ministry

• Vehicle
• sound system
• Sweaters, rain coat, and projectors for team and ministry
• Used Clothes, Used sweaters and Blankets
• Needs of Medical Camps