What We Are

A)  Administration
Focusing the Vision
Guiding and Aid to Villages
Forming prayer partners as poles of ministry
Keeping the doctrines and commitments persistently
Fulfilling the needs of field after knowing about it
Promoting funds for needs of the fields
Sending reports to Sponsors
Maintaining missionaries and field church documents
Training Children ministry teachers, pastors, youths, and believers
Bringing awareness to the villages to follow the Government rules
Build up Good Communication Skills
Appointing Missionary by systematically
B) Mission Work
Propagating the Gospel
Reaching the Unreached Area , Identifying the Hilly regions, remote areas and interior villages
Facing the Challenges in the stronghold areas
Gospel team ministry with the committed believers.
Introducing Jesus to the unreached and unengaged people groups.
Door to Door Evangelism.
Gathering Children and display the demo of prayer and training them to pray
Conveying His love through Skit and Play
Revealing Jesus Christ by outreach Ministry
Showing the life of Jesus Christ through the Film ministry
Collecting Feedbacks, after the Gospel sharing from villagers
Identifying the willingness of people for evangelism 
Planting churches in the adopted mission fields
Motivating people to involve in the church activities
C) Follow –up
Visiting Villages
Communicating with them personally
Guiding the villagers in their need of life
Maintaining good relationship with people
Starting the Hope Cells
Sharing the love of God
Becoming a recognized person by the people
Rescuing the Children from darkness
Educating the illiterates in order to understand the word of God
Making good relationship with villagers to reach the children
Conducting the medical camps in fields to reveal the mercy of lord