Youth Conference

Making decision dynamically and transforming as disciples


The Youngest of this globe to be rescued from the influence of the darkness which fully covered the earth. Thus the youngest people to be had the great knowledge of the Gospel of Christ and strengthen by the word of God. Every youngs to be realized everything whatever they see and analyse themselves and make a decision towards Christ. All are known that the world is seeking to swallow every youths. We have knowledge that seeing the youth are living in towns and cities merely. But in remote villages and hilly regions, abundant youths are there. Not only, towns and city’s youths merely on sight of world. Village and hilly village’s youths too on sight of the world.
Therefore, we have been leading and guiding youths in the way of Christ by conducting conferences. Nowadays, Though so many ministries are conducting youth conferences, and gathering so much youths to attend and hear the word of God.We are focusing remote and hilly village’s youths to bring the Gospel among them. We are gathering youths in every remote village and hilly villages and sharing with them about the life.


Sharing them about the contemporary world issues
Sharing them about the influence of the Sin and how it dominates the human beings
Sharing them about the Holy Bible’s incidents and stories and questioning them to realize and analyse about the incident and make decisions
Dividing them as several groups and offer the time to analyse together about the all issues of the world and making decisions
Affording speech to them about education, future career, and keeping them safe
Projecting them the God’s love by sharing the word of God and displaying them that how God loves them
Leading them to form the Christ Jesus as the centre importance of their life.
Practicing them to stay with patient before God in prayer
Leading them in Christ to make the decision to live for Christ
Guiding them to walk in the way of Christ
Eventually leading them to make themselves for commitment to God’s work.